How to setup a Network Load Balanced Sharepoint 2010 frontend webserver

I was configuring our new Sharepoint 2010 environment and while I was searching for a document how to Load Balance the Sharepoint 2010 Frontend Webservers I discovered there weren’t that many documents for this.

My environment is based on :
– Windows Server 2008 R2
– Sharepoint 2010
– Sharepoint 2010 Dutch Language Pack


1. Create you’re first Sharepoint 2010 frontend webserver
2. Run the Sharepoint 2010 Wizard and create a New Farm
3. Install the Network Load Balancing Feature
4. Setup a Single server NLB (this is documented in a previous post)
5. Install a second server
6. Install the Network Load Balancing Feature on the second server
7. Install Sharepoint 2010 on the second server
8. Run the Sharepoint 2010 Configuration Wizard on the second server and add it to the new created Farm


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